Forklift Rental

We currently have a selection of 190 forklifts available for rental.

Flexible forklift rental arrangements. Custom demand assessment, transport and fuel supply organization and maintenance services; these are the core principles of S&S’s rental business.


We start each rental transaction with prior consultation to ensure that no unresolved issues remain (size limitation, drivetrain, performance, accessories, etc.) regarding the needs of our partners. For basic information required to arrange one, please click on Contact above.

Gas, diesel and electric forklift trucks with different lift heights and accessories. Up to 8 tons load capacity.

The most common form of rental requests can be fulfilled by this category. Most requirements are satisfied by these specifications; loading and unloading trucks, material handling between warehouses, material handling of machine installations. Despite the simplicity of the design, we offer a wide range of models and accessories, as the needs of our partners are very different.


Warehouse equipment

Rental of reach trucks and walkie stackers for warehouse handling.

In the field of warehouse material handling, we frequently need to respond to unexpected problems quickly, and therefore a large part of our rental fleet consists of internal logistics equipment of various sizes and lifting capabilities. These forklifts are also suitable for constructing and disassembling scaffolding systems, warehouse rearrangement, and smaller scale construction work in sensitive work areas.

We also offer heavy duty forklift trucks, diesel, gas or electric, with capacity over 8 tons.

In the case of special demand, we offer 25-30-ton forklift trucks for rent.


Depending on stock, we offer these heavy-duty machines. Their application potential is extremely broad; they can be used for single day special purpose rental, or the replacement of transportation technology for the duration of several months.


Complete forklift material handling service

Mechanical, personnel, and organizational difficulties of material handling can be avoided entirely by entrusting the loading, handling, and maintenance tasks to a true professional. Such arrangements cover the leasing and servicing costs of the forklift truck and the operating costs of the forklift truck entirely.

To provide the technical conditions for continuous and safe forklift truck handling, we offer a variety of rental arrangements, either flexibly, with formalized contract, or tailored to specific needs: from a simple, daily or weekly truck rental to a continuously variable complete contract. We can also provide an operator on request and help you organize the delivery of machines. Renting eliminates the need for investment, and flexible leasing makes it possible to continuously meet changing requirements.